I can only give the excuse that I can’t help it. It is a creative expression of me. So my third in the Golden Eagle Series is now coming to life and should be ready at the end of June. I think I can track my learning curve by these books and fell that this now one is a great improvement on the others. The central character, Goff, (Godfrey Dunn), was called this in memory of an uncle who went down with his ship in WWII. None of the characters portrayed represent any  person living or dead. The Scilly Isles is as I remember it in 1981 and 1991 when we made a visit. I have not been back so in a way it is now history. The crew were at the centro of the sotry and they had a holiday together in the 2nd book.

There is another rason why I write on the internet. I have been troubled with hearing problems lately and find it very difficult to have conversation in a crowd. Blogging is a good way to express my feelings and would love to have others respond.