Goff had appointed himself ‘Guardian of the Islands’ where he has now made his home since the tragic death of his parents. He had collected a varied assortment of teenagers for his crew. After some hair raising experiences, often caused by his flighty friend, Howard, on the islands in the ‘Golden Eagle’, Book I of the series.the crew went their own ways to meet up for the next summer holidays in Western Australia as the guest of the Burnett family. The holiday, tragically, didn’t go as expected and they were sent to the house of an eccentric aunt in Perth. The crew was led on an escapade over Western Australia arriving at Rainbow Cottage with the shady chauffeur and a severely traumatised young musician. A lot of trouble with the Police is finally resolved.

In The Secret Rainbow,


Now, in book III, The Golden Spiral, they are back on their beloved Scilly Islands and need to face a threatening gang before they can take part in a ‘School of the Environment’ thus training others to care for the pristine islands. Goff had seen enough damage done by vandalism to risk defending wild life anywhere in the world.

He had trodden carefully where there were nesting birds, recorded sightings of rare birds, skin dived in the Scilly waters among the fish and corals and developed good powers of observation.

There were those who were curious and those who were ignorant. But when the mysterious lights were seen on the cliffs of an outer island facing on the Atlantic breakers there must be a suspicion of foul play. Wasn’t smuggling the main source of income in the islands for centuries?