Steve had his 11th birthday party on Saturday. His carer brought him and he stayed the night. It was good to see how he had been trained with his food and not asking for custard continually. I can imagine what a difficult job it is to keep watch on his eating habits. She feels he is improving in his speach when gluten and lactose free. At one point he snatched a piece of my patte and that was not on his list of ‘yes’ foods. His mother’s immediate query was, “How much did he have?” Well the action went so suddenly I could not rightly tell. He would be the fastest runner in Para Olympics if he could decide in which direction to go.          He did open his presents very quickly but didn’t look at them. I expect the excitement will have died out now. It was overwhelming to have most of his relatives reappear at one go. It was very difficult to decide to laugh, to cry or to scream. He did all.      I loved being at his party and he always gives a good kiss when I leave. I often think about him starting high school at this age but there is more to life than learning. These people bring out the best in society and are treasured by God and the family.

   I expect my friends are asking “so what about your garden?” Boofie, my friendly bird has gone somewhere else because i no long dig. In fact everyone says the same thing “what is the use?” We have approaced 40 degrees on a quite a few days and the best of plants wilt if not die. I have saved quite a few bulbs for the spring.

   I am looking forward to visiting Brenda, my daughter in Albany on the 15th. They have a Church conference and my grandson – now considering himself as a professional musician – is giving a concert in his home town. He has been away training at the Acadamy for three years and is going on to a higher degree. Here is another grandchild we do not know where he will end up. Italy seems the next place – to learn the language. Grandchildren are all so lovely and so different.  I can live my childhood again (very necessary) just watching their progress.      Barbara