I suppose the whole world has heard about the bushfires in Victoria. There is nothing more moving than the survivor accounts. In a part of Australia which can be very green in summer an unusual string of 40 degree temperatures has brought on a holocast.

This morning at 6am I heard on the radio an account from a man (I think he was a reporter) watching a plume of smoke on the horizon. He prepared his property all the right way – almost expecting fires. It was nothing like he expected in speed or ferosity. Before long he was defending his home as even the stubble in the paddock swept the flames forward. I had a full account of supreme efforts he made to defend his home, giving up only when his life was endangered. Then he had to save himself and family, loosing his pets. He got in the car having scrambled for the keys in the thick smoke, drove it out of the garage but trees were down in the driveway. They were left sitting in a burnt car amid the ashes of his property and home. This happened time over for many residents. To date there are 181 deaths and rising.

It is always necessary in this climate to have a plan for when a bushfire attacks. Weigh up if you would fight for your home to the last or get out early. A lot depends on our physical and mental constitution. After hearing of these experiences most would get out early.