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  • These tips I have picked up on my journey are from the experts.

    Some may have congratulated you on your letter and some may have disagreed heartily. It matters not – you have made an impression and show signs of a budding author.

    You will notice how journalists in the local papers use this train method, unwittingly or not so. If you are a human being you would be a person capable of putting out a good story. The problem is getting it over. That is where I have been helped by looking up the work of the experts.

    Shunt your train into a siding for a few moments and examine its parts. The linked carriages are the paragraphs of the plot. Make a start and ideas will come one after the other. I found it quite a good thing to look in the local paper and find a surname then match it with another separate forename. There you can invent a person (a third person to start with), whom you will get to know quite well by letting your imagination flow. When you have oodles of information on this character don’t throw it all at the reader, try to use suggestion


    1. Who doesn’t get angry over politics at one time or another, especially when it involves our own income? Or more so a social injustice.
    2. It is worth while externalising it. Why not write an article instead of a persistent growl? ‘But I’m no writer’ you say. You have something to say that is obvious.
    That is the qualification. You can do it!
    3. Set out your problem. Good arguments have been running through your head. Sort out your most important point from the tangle of ideas in your head. Start with that. Then link the other points in logical order.
    You may have entered the mind of your critics and found arguments in their favour. State these honestly to show you respect their point of view. Put up your argument against these.
    4. So write to the papers about it – many do.
    Follow me in the TRAIN method;
    1.The snow plough catches attention.
    2. The engine states the case you set out to prove.
    3. Carriages follow in logical order.
    4. Guard’s van shows you have completed your say.

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