‘A haunting tale of the forest.’        I have just completed a draft of 53 thousand words odd which will be the form of a new novelette. the research for this book gave me an interesting hobby for some months as well as the preplanning. I collected 12 pages of jottings about the New Forest in England but the story took off with its own momentum. The background of the New Forest has as much truth as I could give it but the Inn and the characters are purely fictitious. This was inspired by two visits to the New Forest, one of which we spent a week in one of the cottages. This was some time ago but I have photographic evidence to back it. I was inspired by the ecology of this region but more so by the spiritual uplift it gave me. I thank my husband, Stuart for keeping me on the straight and narrow path in grammatical questions. Now I will seek an editor. This is particularly important with the new computer in which I am still of a learning stage.

The period covered is 1840 to 1860, which takes in the teenage and youth of an orphan boy who is severely deprived. This period in itself needed research. It was the time when the railway had only been anticipated at Brockenhurst. The forest was emerging from its pristine state. I felt I was able to give justice to the atmosphere of the forest lore.