Plumbing the nature of God is a hazardous adventure but Wm Paul Young has attempted to do this out of his own pain. The results are a book – an allegory which pulls you up smartly.







We were told this was a book not to be missed. The sudden shift from the mundane everyday life of an ordinary father into another realm of understanding is breathtaking. Some plots from Christian authors can be contrived but his writing comes from deep experiences.





What do you do when your third book is completed and a young man making a new start in life asks to be written into the story? Would you say ‘it is written now and been through the printer and all the necessary red tape”?

As it happened I couldn’t invent a pupil for the School of the Environment – none of them seemed to gel. Everyone who I thought up didn’t seem real. He had come a long way and I wanted to encourage him and here he is, a character ready-formed but three weeks too late! He is certainly a unique character (or, if we look closely, aren’t we all?). He fitted into the plot like a gap had been left for him. I did ask myself, was I too hasty going to print? Now the deed is done.

Strange – I did think of enlarging on the characterisation in book II which had a plot that worked out so conveniently. Then I would enlarge on book III where the characters were well displayed and many people said they were drawn into the story and couldn’t put it down. I could make the two into a full blown novel. Ideas have been coming in from my friends where I could improve on the ending. To them it seemed to be too abrupt. The trouble was, I didn’t know if they had a full-blown police force on the Island at the time (I hadn’t crossed their path.) I didn’t know, if any, what their duties would include.