When I started writing I was putting on paper what I had learnt about the Scilly Isles. I had contributed to some anthologies before that and had attended Women Writers of Western Australia. Many ideas were aired here but I found, after a while, I became too pressurised to continue. I’ve always enjoyed inventing plots and characters. It was quite easy for me to become fascinated by the Islands. With a degree in Geography in the University of Western Australia the interest grew. In those days the Islands were so pristine…so varied in character… so abounding in wild life. There wasn’t much said about preserving the environment except on the Islands.                                                                                                           

   You can imagine my motives were mixed. I wanted to imortalise my step uncle who had given his life in the war. For this reason I called my hero Goff, (Godfrey when he became a famous doctor).  I took the name of his brother for Howard and there is no likness in this character. Any other names which appear in the tale are purely fictional and resemblances to persons living or dead were coincidental.

   I have got the third of the trilogy, The Golden Eagle Series, prepared and it will be published by my birthday in May. My learning curve is well illustrated by the three books. The Golden Eagle, the first book, was factual on the islands.

   The second shows the crew of the said boat visiting one of the crew who lived in Western Australia. I like the plot of this one. i thought it worked out well. I thought the characterisation could do better.  I called it A song at Rainbow’s End but changed it to The Secret Rainbow. I thought this would appeal to young people as it was a strong anti-drug message.

   The third in the trilogy which I am now combing through, disecting, scrutinising and criticising is The Golden Spiral. I have made a special effort to bring out the strengths and weaknesses of the characters. So now i must get back to work.  Barbara