I start blogging in trepidation. I want to say quite a lot about my writing and how my books grew because it is so important to me. As I progress, so I learn. My first book on the Scilly Isles was written with a very different slant. I was awed by the variety and interest on these islands. I could make a list but I am sure to leave something out. I really envisaged an island guide for children visiting. Just to show them how much there was to be seen. And it grew! In fact to make them follow I devised a small plot. It wasn’t much but it was to keep the interest flowing. Then i thought this is fun. I fell in love with the varied characters. I think I chose too many and had to cut some out in future books. I choose names at random from our ancestors. Perhaps they should have been more up to date. Names do seem to appear having missed a generation. I made two visits to the Islands and collected a lot of information, travelling as far as i could. When the waters were calm we went to the outer islands. We watched the great tankers appear over the horizon and realised they were already on a set course. We watched the Bishop Light sweep across as darkness fell and we returned home tired from days out on quiet beaches. Characters were not developed at that stage, it mostly scenery. Spectacular scenery under and over the waters. We were sampling from all the inhabited islands. Nesting birds had to be protected in places. Just talking about birds brought in the subject of migration from across the Atlantic – a super fete. All this was 25 years ago. History in the making. If you choose to read The Golden Eagle remember it was written in order to get some wonderful islands recorded for children.