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  • WHY SO SOON? I hardly got one finished than another comes to my imagination. My love the Scilly Isles keeps coming forward and already the hero has landed via helicopter. I don’t know what I shall do with this one. There is so much work in the editing. I just love letting my imagination wonder.

    This book is at the printer’s and should be out this coming week.

    It is a West Australian novel set in the Great Southern wheat belt, Perth and the South coast. I carries an ant-drug message for young people. Our crew are on holiday in WA and they encounter a pop star in trouble. They combine forces to help him. A secret cottage in the bush and a strange doctor all aid his recovery.

    This book is now complete and is going to the printer.

    It is a West Australian action novel with and anti-drug message and a redemptive ending. It has been a pleasure to write and I hope it will warn young peole not experiment with drugs.

    The ancient Forest by Barbara Good

    Mystery and conspiracy abounds in this

    delightfully evocative story of life in the

    New Forest in the 1840s

    Now released at the price of $7.12 paperback  (13.95au)

    $2.04 Kindle         (3.99au)


    When all the creative work has been done on the book/article that is not the end.

    Those railway carriages which you have filled with seats and comforts must be cleared of the debris of quick writing. A lot of work is still to be done on checking and this is the drudgery.

    Here is an example; You used the word ‘fast’ but you wanted to increase the speed to ‘very fast’. Rather than use the word ‘very’, enhance the noun; ‘swift’.

    Here you are adding more power.

    We are out of print. I sent for another delivery by the publishers’ CEO died suddenly in office. I have sympathised with them. They have served me well so I suggested that another delivery could wait a few weeks. The Forest is still available on the internet. My main reason for pushing sales is not to profit but to recoup sufficient to print the next book – the revision of

    A Song at Rainbow’s End.     What do I hope to achieve with this? The book should have twice as many pages. There should be more vital characterisation and should be designed to suggest to young people the need to look out for their peers in relation to drugs. It is the story of a gang (or crew of a boat) who come to Western Australia on holiday and find their  disrupted plans include rescuing a pop-idol, a shady chauffeur, a crazy but brilliant pianist and a West Australian farm.

    The Ancient Forest has arrived.  It is available through Amazon @ 3.99 sterling approximately $7.72 au. I am not giving away this time because I want to recoup the expenditure and use it to publish the next book, the revised edition of A Song at Rainbow’s End. This is well on the way.

    This book will soon be on eBook Kindle and will be available on Kindle stores worldwide.

    What a pleasure it is to create a book you hope friends and relatives will be able to enjoy.

    Wait for it!

    The Ancient Forest is ready for printing and I trust it will be successful.

    My concern is for the number of young people who grow up without a knowledge of the supernatural.  I don’t  like  preaching and yet I want to remind them that these things are present. They may need them later. This is a cosy novel and quite small. It would make an inexpensive present for birthday or otherwise. There is plenty of  activity and pathos as well as a romance. Some young people I know would relate to a hard-done-by orphan who finds himself a serf in the Forest Inn. We watch his character grow as he fights an evil in the forest. Mis adventure takes his best friend to Van Dieman’s Land but there is a resolution at the end where all characters find peace.

    Not at all. Another review showed some mistakes and a lot of paragraphs were realigned. We wait for the cover which should be done by a newly qualified Designer. This should bring in the young approach. Then The Ancient Forest must be done!

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