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"Those who hope in the LORD ...They shall rise up with wings like eagles." (Isaiah 40:31)
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50 Years Joyful Service

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Served With Joy

There is a season when we give Him joyful thanksgiving on our way. There is a season, when for no reason, sorrow has come to stay. Now is the time to sing His praise - now is the time to rejoice in His ways.

The Royal School of Church Music This photo connects to the History and many memories of the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) which Barbara has enjoyed for fifty years.

50 Years of Joyful Service - the RSCM

As a very special project, Barbara took on the responsibility to write up the history of the Royal School of Church Music, the Western Australia Branch. This history covers the years from 1956 to 2006. With plenty of black and whiite photos, she tells the story from the founding in England in 1927, and then the new direction the Western Association took to be more inclusive and practical

Barbara's history reviews the various Choir Festivals and how they reached across denominational lines to bring in more choirs. Through the years, many special directors and people, and events have passed through the history of the RSCM. Barbara covers these and includes phontos for many of them. The unusual photo of the National Summer School 1987 is used for the cover, wrapping around to both the back and front.

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