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The Golden Spiral

Golden Spiral - edition 2 - by Barbara Good

The Golden Spiral - 2nd Edition. Just off the press!
The children return to the Scilly Isles where I give them a run of the Island and they solve the mystery of the golden spiral. As they mature they become enthusiastic about conservation.

Goff, now known as Jack, returns to his Aunt's place on the Island of Scilly for the summer. As soon as his friends arrive he takes his boat out for a ride. They stumble upon a small box with a spiral design on it. At first they toss it aside, but later it become crucial for a major discovery, which lands all but Jack in a cave.

The action is quite fast-paced in this book. The young readers will have to keep alert to follow what is happening. Will they solve the secret of the spiral before it is time to start helping with Aunt Dorothy's summer school for conservationists? How will they ever get out of that cave?

Fortunately, the book is only 98 pages, so you should know fairly soon after you start reading. Order your copy today!

ISBN 978 - 646 51761-2
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What others are saying about this book:

Chosen as BOOK OF THE WEEK by David Short. in Authors NewsMail:
"The Golden Spiral" by Barbara Good   ISBN  978-0-646-51761-2  Barbara says: "In the Golden Spiral, I have tried to accurately show the islands (Isles of Scilly)  as I saw them in 1981 and 1991 as far as my memory and records go. In this way the book may be said to be an historical representation. The main characters are carried over from the Secret Rainbow published in 2008." The book is a lively adventure story with a deeper meaning. It seeks to show a redirected and reshaped life taking off in a new direction among special friends.

Vernon E James, F.C.A,, Southampton. writes;
Recieved your book today, guess what? I've read it already. I don't normally read fiction because I find myself skipping bits knowing that it is fabricated wayway. i got excited, however with the bit at the end. Another told me they read it all in one evening.

These things might be brought to the attention of google. What do you think? I would quite like to put books two and three together, improve and enlarge to seek a Christian publisher. At the minute I am busy writing my autobiography which, if find out, is quite varied and ;interesting.

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