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"Those who hope in the LORD ...They shall rise up with wings like eagles." (Isaiah 40:31)
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Drug Proof Your Kids

When I was 36 I left my homeland and settled in the remotest capital city in the world, Perth. Since then I have watched it grow incrementally.

Now, this year, I have watched the railway function to take me to the heart of the city in 20 minutes. It gave me memories of the rumbling of the London Underground. How far we have come! And yet violence has increased.

I love my country and would not sit back to let it disintegrate. Families are the heart of stability and happiness comes from more than wealth.

There's a rainbow of hope slung over Australia if we can drugproof our kids.

The red end is the hope that our kids will look out for each other. The blue is to remember that we are all subject to substance abuse. It will remind us to keep a bright attitude to life and share in it to the full.

What are our main problems?

What is your idea of a free country?

Is it freedom to do what we like?

Is it freedom to take drugs?

Or is it freedom from drugs and the horrors associated?

We all want our country to prosper for one reason or another.