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"Those who hope in the LORD ...They shall rise up with wings like eagles." (Isaiah 40:31)
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The Golden Eagle - by Barbara Good (first in series) The Golden Eagle - - A group of children vacationing on St. Mary's in the Scilly Isles become friends and form a crew for the Golden Eagle, which they take out to find the missing mother of some of the children. ...More on this book

A vicarious adventure for children aged 9 to 12 or even 15.

ISBN 1-87696-09-5
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The Secret Cottage by Barbara Good The Secret Cottage - (formerly the Secret Rainbow). Read about the adventures of an orphan in Western Australia who sails with a crew off the Scilly Isles in the Golden Eagle, holidaying in Western Australia. They encounter many strange musical adventures, an eccentric aunt and a mysterious chauffeur. In their travels around the south of the State, they get a pop star out of serious trouble. It makes drug-taking the concern of maturing young adults with Christian ethics.
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ISBN 978 0 646 49499 9
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A Slice of Life - by Barbara Good A Slice of Life - Poems through the Church's Year

A slim volume of 30 pages. More about this book

SBN 0646385747
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The Golden Spirit Land - by Barbara Good The Golden Spirit Land - Caring for Australia. More about this book.

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A slim volume of 27 pages of poetry.

50 Years of Joyful Service - the RSCM 50 Years Joyful Service More about this book

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About 50 years of Church music ministry