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"Those who hope in the LORD ...They shall rise up with wings like eagles." (Isaiah 40:31)
Two Eagles risng in flight

Boofie, the Saucy Friend

Boofie the Saucy Bird - a lovely tale, and it actually happened to me. Who ever has fostered a friendship with a wild bird would understand.

my friend, Boofie My latest gift was the friendship of a little Willie Wagtail that built a nest in front of my kitchen window. I thought it might be abandoned but to my surprise a female bird was invited in. The next thing two eggs appeared and from there on I was able to persuade my husband to take photos as the little lives progressed. Strange, they did not mind and continued with their domestic life! Now I have a set of illustrations for a small children's book. (And some bird grandchilden to brighten my garden).

conversing with Boofie, the Saucy Bird

Conversing with Boofie, my saucy bird friend.

If you want to feed a Willy Wagtail it would be usless using a bird seed bell. He is a busy little fellow who watches my spade and helps himself to my precious worms when I move away. I can feel him encouraging me to take up the spade when I walk among the roses. Babies are hungry - bird or human.

(As yet, this book is unpublished, but it will do best in full-colour).