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"Those who hope in the LORD ...They shall rise up with wings like eagles." (Isaiah 40:31)
Two Eagles risng in flight

Something about Autism

We have five grandchildren. The eldest went soaring off into the ralms of operatic song at the age of 21. This year he got married and we watch him in his soaring career taking the stage often.

For constrast in life style our youngest is autistic - not just disfunctional but so stressed he cannot live in a normal family. If you know anyone who is special in this way (or even own one) you will notice there is a whole range of conditions within the spectrum. We wonder what his life might have been.

A Diet for Autism

Stephen is eleven this week and I cannot help thinking what might have been - starting high school (they say he is intelligent). Then I bring myself to task and remember how he brings out love in his nearest. How his Mother's love is unconditional. How he means as much to God as any of us.

While he is away in specialist care he has been put on a gluten/lactose free diet. His carer says she will recommend this to all mums who put their child in her care from now on. It seems to be making some difference. He is more settled and stringing words to make sentances. Before he could not express himself and that was the cause of a great deal of 'weird' behavior and frustration.

You can imagine what a challenge this diet would be especially to a thin, hyperactive boy with his mind on food most of the time. His carer is managing to achieve it, being full time on one child. We have much to be thankful for.

More experience and challenges regarding this condition coming. . . . .