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"Those who hope in the LORD ...They shall rise up with wings like eagles." (Isaiah 40:31)
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My first novel about kids looking out for each other was inspired by two visits to the Scilly Isles. These Islands are an inspiration for writers; they are isolated, full of exotic plants (incidentally brought from Australia), they represent every period of English history seldom tampered with, they had ancient Christian connections, they had shipping, yachting, diving, treasure, connections with France, migrant birds, empty beaches, clear blue water, cliff walks, forts, trips to uninhabited islands and a well supplied town centre at St Marys. If you call yourself a writer you would bound to be inspired.

Unfortunately not many people have the opportunity to live there. It belongs to the Duchy of Cornwall and there is no freehold land. The hotel is booked months in advance. We had the good fortune to make a holiday exchange with a bank Manager. At first I just described it. Then I thought it would make a good background for a teen novel. The characters went on living for me and became a novel to illustrate the care teenagers could have one for another. "Carry each other's burdens." (Gal.6.2.NIV) headed the title page. It would have been a lost opportunity if I had not bought out the importance of relating to God when in trouble.

The Golden Eagle - by Barbara Good

The Golden Eagle - A group of children vacationing on St. Mary's in the Scilly Isles become friends and form a crew for the Golden Eagle, which they take out to find the missing mother of some of the children. A vicarious adventure for children aged 9 to 12 or even 15.

The Secret Cottage by Barbara Good

The Secret Cottage - Read about the adventures of an orphan in Western Australia who sails with a crew off the Scilly Isles in the Golden Eagle, holidaying in Western Australia. They encounter many strange musical adventures, an eccentric aunt and a mysterious chauffeur. In their travels around the south of the State, they get a pop star out of serious trouble. It makes drug-taking the concern of maturing young adults with Christian ethics.

Golden Spiral - edition 2 - by Barbara Good

The Golden Spiral - 2nd Edition. Just out! The children returned to the Scilly Isles where I give them a run of the Island and they search the mystery of the golden spiral. As they mature they become enthusiastic about conservation.

Other books:
Served with Joy - A history of the Royal School of Church Music

A Slice of Life - Poems through the Church's Year

The Golden Spirit Land - Caring for Australia

[Boofie the Saucey Bird] - a lovely tale, and it actually happened to me. Who ever has fostered a friendship with a wild bird would understand. As yet unpublished.

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